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3 Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Wig From Tangling

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Even the most expensive natural hair wig will experience some tangling. If you do not take precautions while wearing and styling the wig, the tangling can worsen and result in difficulty managing the hair and excessive shedding. To keep your wig's tangling to a minimum, here are some tips to use.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Natural hair wigs need shampoo and conditioner just like your own hair. Unfortunately, some wig wearers use the wrong shampoos and conditioners on their wigs, which can lead to tangling. Shampoo and conditioner that contains sulfate can strip the hair of the wig. Once the oils have been stripped, the hair is more likely to tangle.

To prevent this, always look for sulfate-free hair care products for your wigs. Even if you have the right cleansing products, avoid over-washing your hair. Avoid washing the hair more than once a week if you are wearing it on a daily basis.

Do Not Style the Hair While Wet

When you style the wig's hair while it is wet, it is more likely to tangle and shed. Controlling the fibers of the wig is much more difficult and you could inadvertently end up pulling out clumps of the wig's hair.

Always wait for the hair to dry before attempting to style it. Lie the hair flat or place it on a wig stand while it is drying. Once dry, gently comb the hair. Always work your way up from the ends so that you can gently work through any tangles in the hair and lessen the chances of the hair coming out.

Trim the Hair

Over time, the ends of the wig's hair will start to become dry. As this happens, the hair is more likely to tangle. You have a couple of options available to dealing with dry hair. You can opt to use more conditioner on the wig or trim the ends.

If you opt to use more conditioner, it is important that you understand at some point, you will still need to clip the ends. Since the hair is not receiving the nourishment needed from being affixed to the scalp, keeping moisture in it will be a challenge the longer you have the wig.

Your hair stylist can help identify other steps you can take to keep your natural wig's hair from tangling. Regular care of your wig can help extend the life of your wig and avoid tangles. For more information, talk to a professional like Muldoon Beauty Supply.


26 October 2016