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Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely adore walking in my neighborhood when the leaves on the trees begin changing colors. I also love shopping for warm clothes to wear when the weather turns chilly outside. During this time of the year, I typically wear thin, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, riding boots, and light jackets. My favorite types of jackets are ones made of denim and corduroy. When shopping for a fall wardrobe, I look for items in rich colors such as chocolate brown, maroon, and purple. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious, shopping tips to help you gain the new, fall wardrobe of your dreams. Enjoy!

Hair Flair: 2017 Wedding Hair Style Trends

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On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle towards your soon-to-be-spouse – and that means every part of you has to look picture perfect. But when it comes to wedding hairstyles, there's so much variety that it can be hard nailing down a look you love that won't look old-fashioned or too bridal cookie cutter to really stand out – and if you don't have a professional hair dresser, what are you to do? If you're looking for a few trendy wedding hair styles that you (or a friend) can do without too much frustration, then here's what you need to know.


Topknots and buns perched on top of your head have been in fashion for a few years, but this year they're the dominant trend in wedding hair styles. Don't go for the sleek and smooth version, however – flyaways are the name of the game, evoking a more romantic feel than a night at a ballet. To succeed here, try pulling a few strands out before securing the rest in a loose topknot, then using a miniature curler to shape the strands around your face. Use a loose hold hairspray to complete the look. For best results, don't do this with ultra-clean hair; one day past wash will give your hair the texture it needs to show off this effortlessly dressy look.

Twist and Shout

The name of the game this year is braids – and braids upon braids upon braids. While your hair doesn't need to look like a noble's off of Game of Thrones, it's entirely possible to lean into the braid trend without it looking like Khaleesi cosplay. Try wrapping a bun in a simple braid, braiding your hair back and away from your face into a knot at the base of your neck, or channeling your inner model and going for two slick French braids divided by a ruler-straight part down the very middle of your hair. For a simpler look, you can't go wrong with a simple fishtail braid down your back, held in place with loose-hold hairspray so that a few face-framing flyaways can slip out while the rest of the braid stays beautifully in place.

Beach It Up

Stick-straight modern silhouettes, begone – this year is all about the natural, beachy wave that can look effortless, when done well. You can pull off this look in a number of ways; you can braid your hair back the night before and pull it out the morning of the wedding for a bit more cohesive waves, or you can scrunch up wet hair and spray it with a bit of salt spray before drying it for a wilder look.

Take your favorite ideas to a hair salon well before the wedding so you can try them out and choose your favorite.


29 November 2016