Shopping for Fall Clothes

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely adore walking in my neighborhood when the leaves on the trees begin changing colors. I also love shopping for warm clothes to wear when the weather turns chilly outside. During this time of the year, I typically wear thin, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, riding boots, and light jackets. My favorite types of jackets are ones made of denim and corduroy. When shopping for a fall wardrobe, I look for items in rich colors such as chocolate brown, maroon, and purple. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious, shopping tips to help you gain the new, fall wardrobe of your dreams. Enjoy!

Hair-Extension Care and Maintenance Tips

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Hair extensions are often expensive and fragile, so properly caring for them is of utmost importance if they are to stay looking awesome. Be sure to follow your hair stylist's advice on how to keep your hair extensions in their best possible condition and follow the maintenance plan outlined below to help keep your hair extensions attractive and long lasting. 

Proper washing and styling

Washing your hair extensions regularly keeps them free of dirt and grime, which are often the main culprits for tangled hair. Be sure to use mild moisturizing shampoo and gently wash the hair from the ends to the roots. Lather the hair thoroughly as you work the shampoo down the hair, but avoid vigorous rubbing, which could result in tangles.

Next, rinse and blot the hair and then apply conditioner to keep it soft. Avoid applying conditioner on the roots of the hair or at the attachments, as this often loosens the bonds and causes the hair to fall off. You should also use conditioner sparingly, as it can build up and cause the hair to tangle. Conditioners that contain alcohol can often make your hair dry, so avoid using them. 

The final step in cleaning your extensions is to dry and detangle it. It is best to let the hair air dry or to use a dryer on a low temperature setting to avoid damaging it. Do not rub the hair with a towel to prevent tangles, and stay away from flat and curling irons which typically apply too much heat on the hair and cause breakage. Use a soft-bristled hair brush with looped bristles to detangle your hair, gliding the brush from the roots to the ends in a downward motion. 

Sleeping and exercise

Be sure to allow your hair to dry completely before you go to bed and tie it in a ponytail to minimize tangling. Sleeping with a satin or silk sleep cap can also prevent tangles by reducing friction while keeping conditioner and other hair products from your pillowcase. 

During your morning run or gym workouts, it is often best to keep your hair up or in a ponytail to prevent tangling. While swimming, make it a habit to put on a swim cap to keep out chlorine and salt water that usually causes hair to mat up. 

Your hair stylist will give you tips on how to care for your hair. Be sure to let the pros perm, color, or apply any chemical treatments on your hair to prevent damage. 


21 November 2016