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Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely adore walking in my neighborhood when the leaves on the trees begin changing colors. I also love shopping for warm clothes to wear when the weather turns chilly outside. During this time of the year, I typically wear thin, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, riding boots, and light jackets. My favorite types of jackets are ones made of denim and corduroy. When shopping for a fall wardrobe, I look for items in rich colors such as chocolate brown, maroon, and purple. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious, shopping tips to help you gain the new, fall wardrobe of your dreams. Enjoy!

A Comprehensive Guide on Preparations to Be Undertaken Before an Airbrush Tanning Session

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In the world of beauty and skincare, airbrush tanning has been regarded as a popular alternative to traditional sunbathing or tanning beds. The convenience, speed, and ability to customize the color depth are some of the advantages that have been associated with this method. However, the results obtained from an airbrush tanning session can be significantly influenced by the preparations undertaken beforehand. Here is a comprehensive guide to these preparations.

Firstly, it is recommended that exfoliation be carried out prior to the tanning session. By removing dead skin cells, a smoother canvas for the tan application is created. This helps in achieving a more even color and prolongs the life of the tan. Products that are oil-based should not be used for exfoliation, as they might leave a residue that could interfere with the tanning solution.

Secondly, shaving or waxing should be completed at least 24 hours before the tanning appointment. This allows time for the pores to close, preventing them from getting blocked by the tanning solution. It also helps in avoiding any irritation that might occur due to the combination of hair removal and tanning processes.

Thirdly, the skin should be free of makeup, deodorant, and any lotions or creams at the time of the tanning session. These products can act as barriers to the tanning solution, resulting in a patchy or uneven tan.

Fourthly, the type of clothing worn to the tanning appointment should be given careful consideration. Loose-fitting, dark-colored clothes are advisable as they reduce the likelihood of the tanning solution rubbing off and staining. Moreover, they do not cause discomfort or leave marks on the skin after the session.

Finally, hydration of the skin is critical for a successful airbrush tanning session. Uneven absorption of the tanning solution is often observed in individuals with dry skin, leading to a patchy appearance. Therefore, the consumption of an adequate amount of water in the days leading up to the session is recommended. However, the application of moisturizer should be avoided on the day of the appointment as it can block the tanning solution from being absorbed into the skin.

Preparation is key for an effective airbrush tanning session. By following these guidelines, an even and long-lasting tan can be achieved. It should be remembered that every individual's skin is different, and therefore, reactions to the tanning process may vary. Hence, it is advisable to consult with a professional airbrush tanning technician to understand what preparations would be most beneficial for one's specific skin type.

Reach out to an airbrush tanning service provider to learn more.


15 September 2023