Shopping for Fall Clothes

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely adore walking in my neighborhood when the leaves on the trees begin changing colors. I also love shopping for warm clothes to wear when the weather turns chilly outside. During this time of the year, I typically wear thin, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, riding boots, and light jackets. My favorite types of jackets are ones made of denim and corduroy. When shopping for a fall wardrobe, I look for items in rich colors such as chocolate brown, maroon, and purple. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious, shopping tips to help you gain the new, fall wardrobe of your dreams. Enjoy!

3 Tricks For Doing Your Nails Like A Pro

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If you love doing your nails, but never feel like you get a professional look when you do your nails yourself, try these three tricks to getting a professional look at home.

#1 Put Vaseline On Your Skin

If you always end up getting nail polish on the skin surrounding your nails when you paint them, try this trick. Take a cotton swab and dip it into some Vaseline or some Aquaphor. Use the cotton swab to apply the petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails. This will help create a protective layer between your skin and the your nails. That way, if you move your brush and hit your skin, you'll be able to simply wipe away the petroleum jelly and the nail polish all at once. No more trying to use nail polish remover to get the nail polish off your skin without affecting the paint job that you did on your nails.

#2 Paint Two Basecoats

If the tips of your nails always end up chipping long before anything happens to the rest of your nails, then these two tips are for you. The next time you paint your nails, start by applying a layer of basecoat to the top portion of your nails and let them dry. Then, once the first basecoat has dried, apply a second coat of the polish over your entire nail. The second layer of nail polish will provide you with an extra layer of protection when you apply the full coat to your nails. Then, apply the primary coat to your nails. This will help your nail polish stay on longer and will prevent the tips of your nails from cracking and chipping away.

#3 Use A White Basecoat

When you paint your nails, don't use a clear basecoat if you want your nail color to really pop. Instead, use a white polish as your basecoat. This will help the color of your nails pop out more. This is especially true if the color you are using is a little opaque; adding the white will allow the color of the nail polish to shine through more and allow you to get the true effect of the color. After the main color dries, put on a clear topcoat. This will protect the primary coat of nail polish that you just applied and will help the entire nail polish job last longer. 

For more tips on how to get a professional-looking manicure, look into nail design courses offered by esthetician schools like Cannella School of Hair Design.


8 December 2016