Shopping for Fall Clothes

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely adore walking in my neighborhood when the leaves on the trees begin changing colors. I also love shopping for warm clothes to wear when the weather turns chilly outside. During this time of the year, I typically wear thin, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, riding boots, and light jackets. My favorite types of jackets are ones made of denim and corduroy. When shopping for a fall wardrobe, I look for items in rich colors such as chocolate brown, maroon, and purple. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious, shopping tips to help you gain the new, fall wardrobe of your dreams. Enjoy!

Big Beautiful Bare Feet: How To Get Them Covered And Protected

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The size of people's feet continues to grow in proportion with their height and widening middles. That should be no surprise. What is a surprise is that many big, beautiful bare feet cannot find shoes to cover them and protect them when walking about outside. A lack of large women's shoes is an even bigger problem. If you are a woman with larger feet (i.e., feet above size nine up to size 16), here is how you can find the shoes you need and get the footwear and protection you should have.

Traditional Shoe Stores

Most large women's shoes in traditional shoe stores are limited to a couple of styles and one or two pairs of each style. You may not even find what you like there in a size that fits your feet. If you do find a style you like, you may have to special order the correct size, which most shoe stores are willing to do for the customer with larger feet. Then you can have the shoes shipped to your home or shipped to the store for pick up.

Specialty Shoe Stores

There are some specialty shoe stores that cater to women with long and extra-wide feet. Most women do not learn about these stores until their feet swell during pregnancy and they cannot get their old shoes on. If you are hearing about this for the first time and you already have really long or really wide feet, then this is excellent news for you. These specialty stores typically carry only really large shoe sizes. These shoes start at a 10W(ide) and go all the way up to an 18 triple D or triple W width. The best part is that these stores do not stock just ugly or plain shoes; they carry some of the prettiest and most fun shoes for big feet that you could not find anywhere else.

Online Shoe Stores

The internet most definitely helps when it comes to women with big feet. Several e-tailers will carry larger-sized shoes, and many specialty shoe stores will also have an online presence. Until traditional shoe stores catch on that big feet are now a normal occurrence, you may want to save gas and money by going online to look for shoes instead. There are numerous options available for big feet, many, many more than what you would find if you spent an entire day walking around malls and shoe stores.


15 December 2016